Walmart Fun!

I went shopping at Walmart for the very first time with my Derby escorts friends. Every time that this store has been brought up I have heard nothing but bad things about it. I did not see anything wrong with the store and I think that they offer terrific prices.

I needed some summer clothes and they were so cheap that I would have spent way more money at the mall. The jewelry section was huge and I bought a couple cute sterling silver necklaces.

The grocery section carries a different variety of food that I am used to shopping for and the meat selection is outstanding. I did not care for the way that the produce looked so I will be shopping elsewhere for those items. Also, I picked up a couple of hanging baskets for less than four dollars on the way out the door. I do see myself shopping at this store again in the near future!


Interesting Viewing

In a bid to increase viewer numbers a local broadcasting company is making a documentary about ladies who work in the professional dating industry. Sometimes referred to as dating companions, these ladies earn a living from providing company to gentlemen who would prefer not to go out alone.

The documentary will feature several Coventry escorts who work in and around the Newcastle area. It will cover not only their working life but also their very private lives.

The last time a documentary of this nature was shown viewers figures were increased ten-fold proving that this is the type of programme that a lot of people enjoying watching. Perhaps it is the intrigue surrounding the profession that so many people are drawn to. It will certainly make a change to the usual serious, often bad news documentaries that are shown.